The Coalition sent a letter to elected officials representing Western New York in early July, 2021 asking them to use a participatory budgeting process to determine how federal and state broadband funding will be used. One letter with a bunch of signatures from a coalition is fine, but dozens or hundreds of letters from constituents asking for the same thing is even better!

Enter: ResistBot. This tool lets citizens (or a coalition, in this case) write an open letter that people can send to their representatives in a matter of a few minutes using text messaging. We wrote the letter, modified it a little bit so that it fit within ResistBot’s parameters (no more than 3,000 characters, please), and set it up so that you can send it to your NYS elected officials.

Please take a few minutes to review the letter and, if you agree, sign the petition. Every time a person signs, ResistBot sends a copy of the letter to their NYS elected officials. Also, please feel free to share the petition on your social media or with anyone you think might feel the same way!

Here’s the link:

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